Isolating MP3 songs from AAC

Q: Is there a way to isolate my MP3 files from my AAC files, or at least to simply identify them all at once? I’d like to convert all of my remaining MP3s into AAC files, for uniformity, and maybe to save a little space by reducing the average bitrate. I’m tired of finding these files manually – help!

– Aaron

A: Absolutely. We’d recommend creating a smart playlist that displays only your MP3 files. Since iTunes supports “Kind” as a smart playlist condition, this is trivial to do. Select “New Smart Playlist…” from iTunes’ “File” menu, and configure it to match the following image:

Isolating MP3 songs from AAC

With this playlist, you’re able to easily select the entire contents of this playlist, execute your “Convert Selection to AAC” command, and, when it completes, simply delete the playlist and all songs within it by holding down Option (Mac) or Shift (PC) when deleting it from the Source column.


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