iTunes 5 shuffling only by album


Q: I have a question regarding iTunes 5: before I downloaded this new version of iTunes, I was able to play every song in a random order. Now it only randomizes the songs by album. Is there any way that I can play songs in a completely random order like I used to?

– Felicia

A: This is the result of a feature new to iTunes 5 called “Smart Shuffle,” which allows the user to dictate how random the shuffle feature is, as well as whether iTunes shuffles through “Songs,” “Albums,” or “Groupings.”

Luckily for you, this feature can be configured through simple controls in iTunes’ “Preferences” window, accessed from iTunes’ “Edit” menu. Choose the “Playback” tab from this menu, and you’ll find a slider that controls the randomness of the shuffle feature, and radio buttons for selecting the source of shuffling.

Simply place the slider in the middle, and ensure that “Songs” is the selected radio button, and iTunes 5 will behave just like iTunes 4.

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