iTunes 7 issues: Preserving library upon upgrade


Q: When I check for iTunes updates, it takes me to Apple’s page to download the new iTunes 7. However, they don’t make it clear: if I download the program from the link and install it, will the upgrade retain my music that was in the old version of iTunes? Will I lose anything at all? I realize my worry is probably unnecessary, but with so much of my data at stake, I want to make sure.

– Matt

A: It’s a valid concern, as Apple doesn’t explicitly mention whether or not installing a new version of iTunes will overwrite your library, but it is certainly not designed to do so. In fact, all of your playlists, tags, and settings are preserved as well. That said, things can and sometimes do go wrong with iTunes upgrades. In that respect, it’s always a good idea to keep a backup of your library, whether on a separate hard drive, DVDs, or otherwise. For help with starting and maintaining a backup solution, see our Complete Guide to Backing up iPod & iTunes Music. With a proper backup, you can have confidence with any installation. Enjoy the upgrade!

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