iTunes 9 and Shopping Cart

Q: With the recent advent of iTunes 9, the Shopping Cart seems to have disappeared from both the sidebar and the Preferences menu? Is it still there, albeit in a different place or have Apple removed that shopping facility completely?

– Matt

A: Unfortunately, the Shopping Cart is gone entirely, and in fact even some of the other previous features like the ability to add “wish list” items to a normal playlist and preview them is no longer available in iTunes 9.

From a one-click point of view, purchasing is the only option now available. However, iTunes 9 and the new iTunes Store layout does provide its own store-wide “Wish List” feature. While this is a weak replacement for the Shopping Cart in our opinion, particularly as it does not offer nearly as simple of an alternative to one-click purchasing as the old shopping cart did, the Wish List does allow you to create a list of content that you might be later interested in purchasing.

To add an item to the iTunes Wish List, simply click the small arrow to the right of the purchasing button, and select ‘Add to Wish List” from the pop-up menu which appears.

iTunes 9 and Shopping Cart

You can view your wish list and purchase individual items or the entire wish list by selecting “My Wish List” from either the bottom of the iTunes Store page or by clicking on the arrow the left of your iTunes Store account name in the top-right corner.


iTunes 9 and Shopping Cart

The Wish List itself will display all of the items you’ve added to it, organized by category, with a “Buy All” button at the top to purchase everything in your Wish List, or the normal individual Buy buttons to purchase individual items. Items are removed from the Wish List after you purchase them.

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