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Q: How do I delete photos from my iPod?

– Brandi

A: You cannot delete photos directly on your iPod, nor by using iTunes itself. iTunes simply synchronizes the a folder of photos or an album of photos from your computer, based on your synchronization settings in iTunes. The photos on your iPod will mirror the photos that are in any folders or albums which you have selected for synchronization.

Therefore, to remove an individual photo from your iPod, you must remove it from the folder or album that you are synchronization the iPod with. This can involve deleting the photo outright, or simply moving it out of the synced folder or album into another folder or album that you are not synchronizing to your iPod. The next time you sync your iPod, any photos that have been removed from these folders or albums will also be removed from your iPod.

To remove and entire set of photos (ie, a folder or album) you can simply DE-select it for synchronization in the Photos tab for your iPod in iTunes.

For more information on photo management on the iPod or iPhone, see our Complete Guide to Displaying Photos on the iPod and iPhone.

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