Q: I am a current iTunes Match subscriber, and have the service activated on my home and work computers as well as my iPad. However, with my iPhone, I prefer the old-fashioned way of syncing and copying my music with iTunes, so I’ve never turned on iTunes Match on it. With that being said, will my iPhone get the ad-supported or ad-free version of iTunes Radio?

– Anonymous

A: The short answer is yes. iTunes Radio looks at the iTunes account that you’re signed in with to determine if you’re an iTunes Match subscriber, and this has nothing to do with whether you have enabled iTunes Match on the iOS device itself.

This applies not only on iOS devices, but also on the Apple TV and even to iTunes running on your Mac or PC. In addition to allowing you to easily purchase iTunes Radio tracks from the iTunes Store, iTunes Radio also uses your iTunes Store account to keep track of your listening history and wish list and keep it in sync across all of your devices.

Note that you will need to be signed in to the same account on your device that you have subscribed to iTunes Match with, so if you use more than one iTunes Store account, be sure that you’ve signed into the correct one. This can be found under Settings, iTunes & App Stores in iOS 7, under Settings, iTunes Store on an Apple TV, or on the Store menu in iTunes on your Mac or PC.


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