iTunes Store on iPhone set to wrong country

Q: The prices is my iTunes account comes up in U.S dollars instead of pounds how do I change this? I can’t buy anything as my iPhone won’t allow it.

– Dionecia

iTunes Store on iPhone set to wrong country

A: The most likely cause of this is that you are currently logged into the U.S. iTunes Store rather than the store appropriate to your country.

Unfortunately, the iTunes Store and App Store apps on the iPhone and iPod touch don’t provide any way to select a different country directly from the UI, but they should normally switch to the proper country for your account when you first sign in.

If for some reason this has changed after you’ve already signed in, you can usually fix it simply by signing out and then signing back in again. To do this, simply scroll down to the bottom of the “Featured” page.

You should see your Apple ID displayed there, and tapping on it will provide options to view your account or sign out from it.

Once you’ve signed out, the same button can be used to sign back into the iTunes Store, at which point it should present a message indicating that your account is only valid for a specific country and switch you over to that country automatically.


iTunes Store on iPhone set to wrong country

Note that if you’re an iTunes Match subscriber, you may also need to go into the iTunes Store section of your main Settings app and confirm that iTunes Match is still enabled after doing this.