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Q: Under iTunes’ “View” menu, I see a checkmark next to an option called “iTunes Visualizer.” Does this imply that there is an option for other visualizers? If so, where can they be found? I’ve always been a little disappointed in the iTunes visualizer when compared to the one in Windows Media Player, so it would be really cool if there were other choices.

– Isral

A: Indeed there are other visualizers available for iTunes. A search on or will yield several options for both Mac & PC users, but our favorites are almost exclusively from SoundSpectrum Software. This company, actually, is the company responsible for the visualizer built into iTunes, but they also offer three far more advanced visualizers separately on their website. G-Force is similar to the one built into iTunes, but builds on its complexity and feature set, WhiteCap does some really neat wireframe art, and the company’s brand-new SoftSkies visualizer does some really neat time-synchronized cloud-like rendering. All three are very impressive, and definitely worth a look.

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