iTunes WiFi Store

Q: With the new iTunes WiFi Store on the iPhone, what happens when I purchase an album that has videos or digital booklets?  Can I view these on the iPhone?  Can I choose to download the videos later, as I imagine they’d be quite large and take extra time to download?  What if my download is interrupted?  Do I risk losing my purchased music if I have a bad WiFi connection, or can I pause and restart the download later?

– Eric

iTunes WiFi Store

A: The iTunes WiFi Store is a nice new addition to the iPhone and iPod touch products, however at this point it only supports music purchases, and not other content such as videos or podcasts.

Any music you purchase while using the iTunes WiFi Store will be downloaded to your iPhone or iPod touch, and then transferred back to your iTunes library during your next synchronization, in much the same way as the “Transfer Purchases” option presently works with the other iPod models. This happens automatically when you connect to iTunes, and as an added bonus, any purchased tracks are added to a distinct “Purchased” playlist within your iTunes library:

iTunes WiFi Store

Since the iTunes WiFi Music Store only supports music purchases, videos are not available directly in any form.

If you happen to purchase an album that includes video content or digital booklets, the iTunes Store will inform you of this on the album screen, indicating that these items will be downloaded directly to your iTunes library on your computer the next time you connect to the iTunes Store:


iTunes WiFi Store iTunes WiFi Store

Further, any items that are not successfully downloaded to your iPhone or iPod touch directly (due to failed or interrupted downloads) will remain in your purchase queue and be downloaded directly into iTunes the next time you connect from your computer. You can initiate this process manually on your computer by selecting Store, Check for Purchases from within iTunes.

Once they’ve been downloaded by your computer, you can of course transfer any of these included video files from iTunes to your iPhone or iPod touch as you normally would.

Digital Booklets are not supported on the iPhone or iPod, and will be stored only in your iTunes library.

Note that any content purchased on your iPhone or iPod touch and downloaded from the iTunes Store by your computer rather than your iPhone/iPod touch will be placed in the “Purchased” playlist, as opposed to the “Purchased on…” playlist.