Joining CD tracks

Joining CD tracks 1

Q: I record speakers at conferences directly on CDs with automatic tracking every minute. In other words, a one-hour talk will have 60 tracks on the CD. I want to create a single MP3 file from these in iTunes. How can I join the tracks? I have tried Doug’s scripts for Mac and iTunes, but nothing seems to work.

– Ed

A: For individual CDs, iTunes itself can actually handle this for you during import, as long as the tracks in question are in a contiguous order.

To do this, simply insert the CD and select it in your iTunes source list to see a listing of all of the tracks on the CD. When the track listing appears, highlight the tracks that you wish to join, or press CTRL-A (CMD-A on a Mac) to select ALL tracks on the CD.

Joining CD tracks 2

With the tracks highlighted, select the Advanced menu in iTunes, and the Join CD Tracks option should be available:


Joining CD tracks 3

Select this option, and the tracks you have highlighted will be marked to be imported as a single MP3/AAC file:


Joining CD tracks 4

Click the Import CD button, and iTunes will import these tracks as directed, combining the marked tracks into single MP3 or AAC files, depending on your import preferences.