Joining CD tracks

Jesse Hollington
By Jesse Hollington  - Senior Editor
Joining CD tracks

Q: I record speakers at conferences directly on CDs with automatic tracking every minute. In other words, a one-hour talk will have 60 tracks on the CD. I want to create a single MP3 file from these in iTunes.

How can I join the tracks? I have tried Doug’s scripts for Mac and iTunes, but nothing seems to work.

Joining CD tracks

– Ed

A: For individual CDs, iTunes itself can actually handle this for you during import, as long as the tracks in question are in a contiguous order.

To do this, simply insert the CD and select it in your iTunes source list to see a listing of all of the tracks on the CD.

When the track listing appears, highlight the tracks that you wish to join, or press CTRL-A (CMD-A on a Mac) to select ALL tracks on the CD.

With the tracks highlighted, select the Advanced menu in iTunes, and the Join CD Tracks option should be available:


Joining CD tracks

Select this option, and the tracks you have highlighted will be marked to be imported as a single MP3/AAC file:


Joining CD tracks

Click the Import CD button, and iTunes will import these tracks as directed, combining the marked tracks into single MP3 or AAC files, depending on your import preferences.

By Jesse Hollington Senior Editor
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