Joining CD Tracks in iTunes 11

Q: Since there’s no Advanced tab in iTunes 11, I can’t figure out how to join audiobook tracks into one. I am trying to add an audiobook to iTunes so I can transfer it to my iPod. For instance, each disc has 10 different tracks. I used to be able to click on the Advanced tab and then click Join and the tracks would be combined into one. I don’t see any option for doing that now.

– Sandy

A: The option to Join CD Tracks is actually still there, but considerably more hidden than it was in prior versions. The CD options in general have been moved to a new “Options” menu that appears in the top-right corner of the CD import screen.


Joining CD Tracks in iTunes 11

However, to make matters even more complicated, the Join CD Tracks option does not appear on this menu at all until you have selected one or more contiguous tracks.


Joining CD Tracks in iTunes 11

If you want to combine all of the tracks on a CD, you can simply press CTRL+A (Windows) or CMD+A (Mac) to select all of the displayed tracks and then select the “Options” menu and you should see a third option to Join CD Tracks. The feature otherwise works in the same way as it did in previous versions of iTunes.

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