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Q: I love listening to audiobooks.  I have bought them on CD and imorted them to iTunes using the (Join CD Tracks) feature.  My question is most audiobooks come on more than one CD, is there anyway to join CD to CD?

– Nick

A: Sure. You have several options, though none of these is in iTunes itself – you’ll need 3rd party software.

On a Mac, we’d recommend Doug’s AppleScripts’ Join Together 3.0, which itself is free, although it requires the $30 purchase of Quicktime Pro 7. If you have Apple’s free ChapterTool installed, Join Together will actually automatically create an “enhanced” AAC file that has bookmarks marking the beginning of each track (or CD, in your case). Incidentally, this AppleScript is also a neat way to reduce the gaps between songs on gapless albums such as Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” Totally free options such as ReJoiner are also available.

On a PC, we direct you towards to conduct a search for “MP3 Join,” for which dozens of software entries are returned. We invite our readers to provide specific recommendations in the comments thread below.

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