Klipsch S4i earphones

Q: Hello, I was wondering when you guys were going to have a review of the Klipsch S4i? I’m debating between the S4i and the ER hf2.

– Brad

A: The Klipsch S4i are basically identical to the S4 which we reviewed previously. The S4i simply add a remote control and increase the price accordingly. The Etymotic hf2 are generally a better pair or earphones but have less extra bass than the S4. The hf2 were also designed for the earlier iPhone models, simply providing a one-button remote rather than the in-line volume controls of the S4i. Unless you’re using an iPhone 3GS or a recent iPod model, however, this will not be an issue, as the iPhone and iPhone 3G do not support the in-line volume controls.



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