Limiting volume on iPod

Q: Is it possible to lower the volume control on an iPod? Specifically, I would like to buy my 9 year old an iPod, but I feel the volume would be too loud if she put it up to the max, so I’m wondering if there is a way to adjust the volume to limit how high it can go.


A: Yes. The iPod offers a volume limit feature that was first introduced as a firmware update to the fifth-generation iPod and iPod nano in March, 2006. This feature has since been standard on all iPod models, including the iPod touch, and is even available on the iPhone.

This feature works by setting a maximum volume limit and then locking it with a four-digit password to prevent it from being changed or reset.

On the traditional iPod models (5G iPod, iPod classic, and all iPod nano models), this option can be found under Settings->Volume Limit. You simply select the volume by using the click wheel in the same way you would normally adjust the volume, and then press the centre “SELECT” button and you will be prompted to set a password to lock the volume limit.

On the iPod touch and iPhone, it is located under Settings, iPod, Volume Limit.

In this case, you adjust the volume slider, and then click the “Lock Volume Limit” button in order to set a password.

The iPod shuffle also offers the ability to set a volume limit, but since the device does not have a screen, the volume limit is set via iTunes itself.

More information can be found in our iPod 101 tutorial, Limiting your iPod’s Maximum Volume.

Note that if you choose to lock your volume limit with a password, ensure that you do not forget the password, as there is no way to recover it without performing a “Restore” operation, which will erase all of the content on your iPod, requiring it to be reloaded via iTunes.