Linking to photos from the iPod’s Notes feature

Q: Can I create a link to photos in notes I put on my iPod?

– Paul

A: Sure. In Apple’s newly-updated iPod Notes Feature Guide (PDF), the company outlines procedures for using notes to link to four media types on your iPod: audio tracks, cover art, videos, and – indeed – photos.

For all media types except photos, the notes feature can access them where they reside in the iPod’s usual libraries.

Photos, however, have to be specially-added JPEG files stored somewhere within the “Notes” folder.

To link to these photos, simply use the following syntax:

<a href="file://photo1.jpg">Click here to see photo 1!</a>


<a href="/photo1.jpg">Click here to see photo 1!</a>

…where the photo you’re linking to is called “photo1.jpg”, and it’s located on your iPod in the base “Notes/” folder. Do not include the file extension in the photo, and treat all paths as relative to this folder.

When the link is clicked within the note, the iPod will scale the image, and display it much like it displays album art full-size. Press “Menu” to return to the note.

In our testing, we only got this feature to work fully on a full-sized iPod; our 2G nanos couldn’t view the images.