Listening to iPod music through a PC

Q: I am using the 2GB iPod Nano and it works great. However, I would like to listen to it at work through my work PC, so that I can charge and listen simultaneously.

I was told I could do so, but I can only access the drive if I install iTunes on my system at work and choose not to associate the iPod with this library. When I do this, I can see my music on the nano but it is greyed out.

How can I access these songs?

– Don

A: This is possible, and you’re almost there! To make these songs accessible on your work PC, simply take exactly what you’ve done thus far, and put your iPod nano into “Manual Synchronization” mode. To do this, navigate to iTunes’ Preferences window (with your iPod is plugged in), select the “iPod” tab, and select the radio button titled “Manually manage songs and playlists.”

Granted, it is not terribly convenient to have to change this setting between your computers, but it will work.