Listening to Podcasts sequentially on the iPod


Q: Before upgrading to iTunes 6, all of the Podcasts on my iPod would appear in one list, with all of the episodes together.  After the upgrade, when I select the Podcast source option from the iPod’s main menu, the iPod first shows the creator of each Podcast (such as iLounge Week in Review). After selecting one of these manually, I can only listen to the Podcast episodes from that one source, after which time the iPod stops and returns to the main menu. Is there anyway to collect all my Podcasts into one place so they can all play sequentially regardless of the creator?

Listening to Podcasts sequentially on the iPod

– Stephen

A: Absolutely, and this simple solution is in fact what we’ve been doing for ourselves recently.

To create a playlist that will always (and automatically) contain all of your current Podcasts in a flat, one-level listing, create a new smart playlist entitled “Podcasts,” and assign it these basic settings:

From then on, this playlist will automatically contain all Podcast episodes found in your iTunes Library, and – like any normal playlist – will not attempt to sort them into multiple levels by their creator.

To access this capability on the iPod, simply navigate to “Music->Playlists->Podcasts” rather than using the main menu option “Music->Podcasts”.

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