Locating Music Videos

Locating Music Videos 1

Q: I am awaiting delivery of a new iPod classic, which will be replacing a 20 GB 4th generation iPod. Having purchased many albums over the last 3 years from iTunes I believe that some of those albums included videos, but they do not show up in my iTunes Videos’ folder. Is that because the 4th gen iPod was not video capable? When I sync my new classic will those videos now be installed in the new device?

– Mike

A: In iTunes 7, Music Videos were removed from the standard video sections and included in the “Music” section alongside their respective audio tracks. Therefore, if you purchased albums from the iTunes Store that included music videos, these should have been downloaded to your computer, but they will be listed in the normal albums alongside the respective music tracks, indicated with a small video icon shown to the far right of the track name:

Locating Music Videos 2

These are completely ignored by iTunes when syncing a non-video-capable iPod, however they will be transferred to your new iPod classic according to your synchronization settings for your music. Specifically, you must be syncing either your entire music library using the “All songs and playlists” setting, or you must ensure that these music videos are included in any selected playlists that you may be syncing with your iPod. Further, when you connect your iPod classic, you will notice that there is an additional checkbox on the “Music” tab to determine whether music videos are included on your iPod:


Locating Music Videos 3

Another way to quickly find all of the music videos in your iTunes library is to create a Smart Playlist that filters them out. When you setup a new iTunes library, this “Music Videos” Smart Playlist is automatically created for you, but it will not necessarily have been created if you had upgraded from a previous version of iTunes. However, since it’s just a standard Smart Playlist, you can easily create it yourself simply by searching for files with a “Video Kind” of Music Video:


Locating Music Videos 4