Mac-formatted iPods

Q: I bought a 3rd Gen. Nano (video) for my wife in November, which we used with our old PC for about a month before we bought a new MacBook.

Now I’d like to get the updates that have recently been released, but iTunes says that “only Macintosh-formatted iPods can be updated.” How can I change it from a Windows-formatted to Macintosh-formatted?

– Scott

A: As of iTunes 7, the “iPod Updater” has been integrated into iTunes. To convert your iPod to a “Mac-formatted” iPod, you will need to perform a “Restore” operation on it, via iTunes, which will erase everything on your iPod and reformat it for Mac.

This will update your iPod to the latest firmware version by default as well.

If you are using automatic synchronization for your iPod and have all of your music in your iTunes library, this process should be relatively painless, as iTunes will simply reload your iPod after the restore process completes.