Managing iPod content manually

Q: Why do songs I delete from iTunes keep showing up on my ipod nano? How do you delete the song from the actual ipod?

– Kris

A: The most likely cause of this problem is that you have set your iPod nano to “manual” mode, which means that it is not actively syncing content from your iTunes library to your iPod nano, so changes you make in your iTunes library will not be reflected on your iPod. In this mode, your iTunes library and your iPod are treated as two independent libraries.

You can check the manual setting by connecting your iPod and looking at the “Summary” tab for it in iTunes:

Managing iPod content manually

If the checkbox labelled Manually manage music and videos is selected, then your iPod is in manual mode, and you will need to manage the content on your iPod directly via iTunes. To do this, simply click on the small triangle to the left of your iPod nano (in iTunes) and it will expand to show the different categories and playlists of content on your iPod:


Managing iPod content manually

From here, you can select content and manage it as you normally would in iTunes, including modifying file information or deleting tracks. You can also add, remove and manage playlists from here, directly on your device.

Alternatively, if you would simply like to return to automatic synchronization, where your iPod nano does mirror the content of your iTunes library, simply UNcheck the box to Manually manage music and videos in your device’s summary tab as shown above, and then click “Apply” and your iPod will sync with your iTunes library. Note, however, that this will remove anything that is not already in your iTunes library, so before doing this you should ensure that you do not have any content that is stored only on your iPod and not in iTunes itself.




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