Manual voice memo transfer to PC

Q: How do I manually transfer voice memos from my iPod to iTunes? I did not get the automatic prompt to transfer them (for reasons unknown), and so I’d like to manually import and convert them into MP3s for archiving.

– Kris

A: Voice memo automatic transfer should take place if your iPod is set to transfer songs automatically, with Voice memos being added to the “Voice Memos” playlist in your iTunes library. If you’d rather not use the automatic synchronization mode, the voice memo files can indeed be manually retreived from the iPod’s hard drive in the “Recordings” folder.

They are saved by the iPod as WAV files. Note that you’ll need your iPod to be in Disk Mode for this to work. In iTunes’ iPod preferences window, ensure that ‘Enable disk use’ is checked.

To convert them to MP3, first add them to your iTunes Library. Then, ensure that your iTunes’ Importing preferences are set to your desired format and quality settings. These settings are found in “Preferences → Advanced → Importing” on iTunes 6 and later.