Memorex iFlip and iPhone compatibility

Q: Can you plase tell me if the Memorex iFlip is compatible with the iPhone as well as the iPod?

– Joe

A: Unfortunately, the Memorex iFlip is not only not compatible with the iPhone, but is in fact incompatible with any iPod model other than the fifth-generation iPod with video.

The original fifth-generation iPod simply output video through the Dock Connector to any accessory capable of reading the video signals. In 2007, however, Apple began requiring accessories to carry a special authentication chip in order to display video from iPod or iPhone devices. All iPod models manufactured since the fifth-generation iPod have had this requirement, and many of the older accessories built for the fifth-generation iPod were never updated to provide this additional capability.

Note also that the Memorex iFlip does not include the ability to input video to it from another source, which means that even purchasing a proper iPod or iPhone AV cable would not work as you would have nowhere to plug it in. Other displays, such as the Sonic Impact Video-55 can be used with external cables in this manner, as can even non-iPod-specific devices such as portable DVD players, provided they have the appropriate video and audio input connections.

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