Merging iTunes Store accounts

Q: Is it possible to merge two different iTunes accounts? My wife has one and I have a different account and we want to merge them so our purchases will be accessible to both of us.

– Scott

Merging iTunes Store accounts

A: It is not possible to merge your iTunes Store accounts in the sense of transferring any older purchases to a different account. However, you can easily share your purchases simply by authorizing each of your iTunes libraries for both of your accounts.

An iTunes library can be authorized to access content from more than one account, and any necessary authorizations are automatically transferred to your iPod, iPhone or iPad when you sync that content to your device. An iPod or iOS device can store and play content from up to five different accounts.

To authorize your computer for an additional iTunes Store account, simply select Authorize This Computer from the Store menu in iTunes and then enter the account name and password of the additional account that you would like to authorize.

The new authorization will be added to your iTunes library and you will be able to play content from both accounts. Once authorized, you can transfer content from your wife’s computer either by simply copying the files using an external storage device, enabling iTunes Home Sharing and copying them over the network, or transferring them back from an iPod, iPhone or iPad using the Transfer Purchases option in iTunes.