Q: I just updated my iPhone software to 2.0 and I want to push my calendar on my iPhone and my wife’s iPhone, but I don’t want to have my MobileMe email. Is there away to do this so she can see what going on in my calendar without connecting it to the Mac every time?

MobileMe on iPhone for Calendars only

– Jason

A: Yes, you can use your MobileMe account on your iPhone for any of the individual “push” features without having to use them all.

To do this, you still configure your MobileMe account as if you were setting it up for your e-mail: On your iPhone, go to Settings, Mail Contacts Calendars select Add Account and choose to set up a MobileMe account.

Once you have entered your MobileMe account information and it has been validated, the next screen allows you to select which content you would like to sync to your iPhone:

Simply tap the button beside “Mail” to disable that part of your MobileMe account, and your mail will not be downloaded from MobileMe, nor will the account even appear in the iPhone’s Mail application.

Note that you can also do this after you have already set up a MobileMe account. Simply go into your Mail account settings and select your MobileMe account. You will see the same four buttons and can toggle any of the individual settings on and off as required, so if you decide in the future that you do in fact want to have your MobileMe mail on your iPhone, simply re-enable it on this screen.



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