Movie Rentals and 5G iPod

Q: I am using a 30GB fifth-generation iPod and I have tried moving rented movies from the iTunes Store onto my iPod with no sucess. I’m not getting any error messages but the movies won’t sync. Any suggestions?

– Joe

A: Unfortunately, your problem is most likely due to the fact that the fifth-generation iPod does not support iTunes movie rentals. Purchased movies can still be viewed on the fifth-generation iPod, even in the slightly improved resolution formats that are now available, but the fifth-generation iPod has not received a firmware update to permit rented movies to be transferred to the device. This is most likely due to the requirement that rented movies automatically expire after a certain time period—a feature that would require updated firmware and possibly even hardware support to properly enforce.

Rented movies are not transferred to an iPod in the same way as other content. If you are using a supported iPod model with a supported firmware version (even the 2007 iPod models require firmware updates for movie rental support), you will see a separate movie rental transfer screen in iTunes above the normal movie synchronization options:

Movie Rentals and 5G iPod

These options permit you to move rented movies between devices. A rented movie can only be located in one place at a time due to the need to properly enforce the rental time restrictions.

Be sure to check out our Complete Guide to iTunes Movie Rentals for more information on how all of this works.


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