Moving playlists between iTunes accounts

Q: My husband and I each have one iPod mini, and separate iTunes accounts on the same computer. We have each downloaded various CDs from our collections to our respective accounts into iTunes, which have then been synched to our minis. Since then, I have created a playlist in my husband’s account of all the additional songs that I want in my account. I have been trying to find a way to get this playlist on my own mini without erasing all my songs.  Can you help?

– Wendy

A: First, create a temporary folder somewhere on your computer’s hard drive that both you and your husband can access.

For example, C:/iTunesTransfer/ will work fine.
Next, in your husband’s iTunes account, find the playlist that you’d like to copy into your iTunes library. Select it, and choose Edit—>Select All from the menu bar. Then, simply drag these entires out of the iTunes window and into a Windows Explorer window of your C:/iTunesTransfer/ directory. This will place copies of the files into that directory.
Then, log in to your account and open iTunes.

Locate the C:/iTunesTransfer/ directory, and drag the files from Windows Explorer straight into your iTunes window. This will place copies of the files in your iTunes Library.  If you’d like to instantly create a playlist of these files, then instead of dragging to the main iTunes window, drag directly into the “Source” column where all the playlists reside. Finally, delete the files that remain in C:/iTunesTransfer/, as these are no longer needed.

Jerrod H.