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Q: I have numerous playlists in my iTunes. I like to copy these over to my iPod. Is there are shortcut to move a playlist from iTunes to the iPod?  Now I have to just drag and drop the playlist from iTunes to my iPod. But that is a lot of dragging, as I have such a long list of playlists.

– Brett

A: The easiest shortcut for this is to simply use automatic synchronization to manage your iPod. In this case, you simply either select ALL music for synchronization, or choose specific playlists in the sync settings in iTunes and the playlists are transferred automatically whenever you connect your iPod.

An alternative method that you may find a bit easier if you want to continue managing your iPod content manually is through the use of playlist folders. This doesn’t prevent you from having to drag and drop the playlists onto your iPod, but may save you a bit of time in that you can drag and entire folder to the iPod and all of the playlists in that folder will be transferred in one step. Of course, you do still need to drag and drop the playlists into the folder in the first place, so whether or not this will save you any time depends largely on how you’ve organized your playlists and how often you change them around on your iPod.

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