Music Video organization in iTunes

Q: In my iTunes library’s Source column, there’s Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and Radio, but no category for Music Videos. This means that even though the iPod seems to be able to sort these separately, all my music videos are put in with all my films and clips under the Movies category in iTunes. Should it be like this? Can I isolate my Music Videos in iTunes?

– Anonymous

A: Yes, you can, but it’s not going to happen they way you’re thinking it will; iTunes has no specific item in the “Library” section of the source column for “Music Videos.” Instead, it places Music Videos in the “Music” category along with audio-only tracks.

How do you get iTunes to do this, instead of placing your music videos amongst your “Movies”? Simply change their “Video Kind” to “Music Video.” To do this, select a music video, choose “Get Info” from iTunes’ “File” menu, and select the “Video” tab. Here, use the pull-down menu:

Once you have all your music videos tagged as such in this manner, you can use a smart playlist to collect them all into one place. Simply set up the condition to look for them according to their “Video Kind” tag:


Music Video organization in iTunes

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