Music Video playlists on Apple TV

Q: Is there a work around to get my iTunes Music Video playlists to shuffle or play in sequence on my Apple TV.

– Mark

A: Unfortunately, this is still not available on the Apple TV, and aside from hacking the Apple TV there are no workarounds. Video playlists will synchronize and appear on the Apple TV alongside your normal playlists. Although you can play videos from these playlists, however, the Apple TV will only play the selected video and then stop.

Music Video playlists on Apple TV

You may also note that, as compared to an audio-only playlist, the “Shuffle Songs” option at the beginning is not present, since there’s no point in shuffling a video playlist.


Music Video playlists on Apple TV

If you create a playlist with both audio and video mixed, the “Shuffle Songs” setting will appear, and the audio tracks will play sequentially (or shuffled), but any video tracks in that playlist will be skipped over. These can only be played if they are selected directly, and will still return to the menu after playback, despite the presence of audio tracks in the same playlist.

The ability to play multiple music videos from a playlist definitely seems like a good feature to us as well. You can let Apple know you’d like to see this by submitting a feature request at


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