Narrowing searches in iTunes 5

Q: Using iTunes 5 on Windows XP, the search field’s drop-down search-narrowing feature no longer works in either in my Library or in the iTunes Music Store. I’d like to get it to work so I can select from artist, song, etc. Any ideas?

– Bob

A: In iTunes 5, the drop-down type/field limiting feature from iTunes 4.x has been replaced by a new “Search Bar.”  This Search Bar should appear at the top of your library or the Music Store, after you’ve already entered a search term. From here, you can click on “Artist” to limit your already-entered search term to the Artist field, click on “Podcasts” to limit your search to your podcasts, etc.

If you’re not seeing this feature, try using the “Show Search Bar” feature available in iTunes’ “Edit” menu.

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