New and unpublicized additions to the iLounge site

Q: Has anything been added to the site recently that you guys haven’t publicized?

A: Yes. You might want to check out our massive iPod Accessory Guide page, which now includes over 1,300 iPods and accessories in one place – now preserving all of your comments on individual products in a single place, without the need to search separately through our old Gear Guide, First Looks, and Reviews sections. We also have revamped our Articles page to make it easy for you to find the tutorials, old Ask iLounge columns, editorials and features we’ve published. There’s also a large Comparison Shopping engine now on the site, helping you to find great deals on both iPods and popular accessories.

Finally, brand new photo and art galleries are now online for our Free iPod Book 2.0 contests, which we strongly encourage you to enter. Over $3500 in prizes are there to be won!

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