New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots

New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 1

After announcing only one new iOS feature—a five-device cellular data sharing feature called “Personal Hotspot”—at the debut event for the CDMA version of the iPhone 4, Apple unexpectedly released the first beta version of iOS 4.3 for specific iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices.

New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 2

Based on photos and details submitted by an anonymous source, we’ve compiled a collection of changes and improvements for your easy reference. Here’s what’s new and notable.

General Discoveries


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 3
New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 4

About. All of the portable iOS 4.3 devices show “4.3 (8f5148b)” as their version numbers; the second-generation Apple TV shows 4.3 (8F5148c) as its iOS version number.

AirPlay: Limited Web Video (And Other Video) Support Added. Introduced to iOS devices in iOS 4.2, AirPlay enabled near-realtime streaming of certain videos and photos to second-generation Apple TVs. iOS 4.3 expands AirPlay’s support to include streaming of certain web-based H.264 videos with AAC audio to the Apple TV, though the word “certain” turns out to be important here.

Notably, the web-based videos will not stream unless they are specifically authorized by the web sites’ developers to do so; iOS 4.3 looks for a permission tag before allowing the video to stream from the iOS device to a TV. This is almost certainly being done to placate movie or TV studios concerned that their content might be streamed from the Internet to television sets without their specific permission, and effectively blocks everything else from working unless individual web sites add the permission tags to each of their videos. While the effort required to add one tag is trivial, it remains to be seen how many sites will do so proactively, and across multiple videos. Audio from unauthorized videos will still stream over AirPlay, but the videos will only be watchable on the device’s screen.

Apple has also enabled self-made videos stored within the Photos application to stream automatically to Apple TV if you so desire. This was not available under iOS 4.2, and thereby meant that a video created on an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 would not be viewable on a TV unless it was transferred to a computer and resynchronized to the iPhone using iTunes, or sent to MobileMe or another online service from the iPhone and then viewed using a different app.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 5

Camera + FaceTime. Code suggests that new camera filter effects will be added to certain devices, mimicking the realtime color and distortion tricks that the iPod nano 5G was capable of adding to videos. Apple has apparently changed the shutter noise slightly to a more metallic-sounding click, and the FaceTime application icon (on iPod touch, later on iPad 2, and in the Settings menu of iPhone 4) has been changed to a silver-clad version that’s fancier and similarly more metallic than the prior green version. It’s similar to the Mac icon for FaceTime, but with an iOS-shaped rounded square background.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 6

Missed FaceTime outgoing calls are now indicated with a small upward-pointing arrow inside the prior FaceTime camera icon.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 7

Find My Friends + Location Services. A new feature called Find My Friends appears to be in the offing for Apple’s MobileMe service, enabling users to instantly locate their iPhone/iPod touch/iPad-toting buddies (and family members)—if they want to be found. Apple has moved Location Services to a newly prominent position within the Settings menus of iOS 4.3 devices, most likely to make it easier for users to switch the feature on and off as privacy dictates.

iPad 2, iPhone 5 Versions Spotted. Code within the iOS 4.3 beta software shows identifiers for multiple versions of the fifth-generation iPhone and second-generation iPad, presently believed to represent distinct individual Wi-Fi, GSM, or CDMA iPads, and separate GSM or CDMA iPhones.

iPod touch 2G, iPhone 3G No Longer Supported. Unless Apple surprises everyone by releasing subsequent iOS 4.3 betas for the iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3G, this appears to be the end of the line for iOS updates for the 2008 devices. Prior iOS releases left them with fewer features than their successor products, as well as crippling slowdowns in the case of the iPhone 3G. Apple appears to be bidding them an unceremonious goodbye.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 8
New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 9

Notes Gets New Font, Loses Another. The iOS 4.0-vintage Chalkboard font has been ditched in favor of Noteworthy, a new version that looks vaguely like handwriting. Chalkboard represented a second and less polarizing attempt to offer a casual font for the built-in iOS Notes application; Noteworthy sacrifices a little legibility in favor of an even more relaxed and interesting-looking typeface.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 10

Photo Slideshow Settings. A subtle change to Slideshows on the iPhone and iPod touch brings these devices into closer feature parity with the iPad, and seemingly expands the feature a little on the iPad as well. Previously, transition effects were selected from a list of five options in the iPhone or iPod touch’s universal Settings menu, and couldn’t be changed within the Photos application itself. Control over these transition effects was not available when streaming photos to a second-generation Apple TV; “dissolve” was the force-selected option.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 11

Now, iPhone and iPod touch transition effects are selected solely within the Photos application—a change that initially doesn’t seem to be very different, as there are only five options to choose from, and they’re the same as before; this is just like the iPad’s prior Photos app and Slideshow button. However, the list of transitions automatically switches from “Cube, Dissolve, Ripple, Wipe Across, and Wipe Down” to “Ken Burns, Origami, Reflections, Snapshots, and Classic” when you’re playing photos over AirPlay through an iOS 4.3-equipped second-generation Apple TV. In effect, iOS 4.3 is enabling you to select from the additional transition effects the new Apple TV is capable of performing on its own, and eliminating the global transition settings in favor of ones that work on the specific screen you’re performing the photos through. The iPad also shifts between these two sets of options depending on whether it’s playing photos through its own screen or an iOS 4.3 Apple TV’s; earlier Apple TV software doesn’t allow these transition changes.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 12

Updates of Apps. A small change to the App Store’s Updates tab now displays larger icons for each app awaiting an update, oddly omitting the version number and date of the update, and adding an odd “Installed” badge that isn’t actually a button—like the prior “>” button, it can be pressed to bring up the update page, where you can start updating the app.

Apple TV-Specific Findings

AirPlay Improvements. In addition to being able to perform more types of iOS device-streamed video, including certain web videos, AirPlay now appears to be quicker at starting video playback and displaying photos.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 13
New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 14

iOS Software Number. It’s now listed as Apple TV Software 4.3 (2009.2) and iOS Build Version 4.3 (8F5148c), finally synchronizing what used to be two confusingly different numbers. Apple TV Software 4.3 now tracks with iOS 4.3.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 15
New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 16

New On-Screen Keyboard Design. Use of the Apple TV’s prior on-screen keyboards caused lots of grumbling due to seriously sub-optimal layouts that punished users of Apple’s included Infrared remote by requiring numerous left and right button presses to move around. Apple has redesigned the keyboard as a set of three six-by-seven keyboard grids, toggled using the remote’s Play/Pause button, significantly reducing required button presses. One keyboard is for lower case letters and numbers, the next is for upper case letters and numbers, and the last is for symbols.

iPad-Specific Findings


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 17

Gestures: Home Screen, App Switching, Multi-Tasking Bar. For the iPad alone, Apple has added a four- or five-fingered gesture that enables users to return to the Home Screen by pinching the current application closed, mimicking the “close window” animation that normally happens whenever you hit the Home Button. Some users have speculated that this spells the end of the Home Button on future iOS devices, while others believe that it’s merely an alternative gesture to reduce physical wear and tear on the button.

New four- or five-finger left/right sweep gestures enable you to change iPad applications automatically, using a simple flat layer-shifting visual effect, rather than the 3-D swap effect used when switching apps with the multi-tasking bar. Additionally, a four- or five-finger upsweep gesture opens the multi-tasking bar at the bottom of the screen, removing the need to double-click the Home Button. These new gestures do not appear to be included on supported iPhone or iPod touch models. Developers are currently expressing serious concerns about these new gestures impacting their applications, suggesting that Apple enable a per-app or universal setting to disable them.

iPad 2 Camera and Screen Resolution. Art files within the iOS 4.3 beta have shown what appears to be a higher-resolution version of the shutter animation for the Camera application, designed to be displayed at 1024×768 or 768×1024 depending on the iPad’s orientation. These files appear to suggest that the second-generation iPad’s screen will remain at the same resolution as the first-generation model’s, and that the Camera application will use the entire screen rather than just a part of it. However, neither of these details is certain at this point.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 18

Mute / Screen Lock Switch Toggle. iOS 4.1 removed the iPad’s physical Screen Lock switch, transforming it for unknown reasons into a Mute switch for alert sounds, a change that confused and angered many users. It was assumed at the time that Apple had made the change in anticipation of releasing a FaceTime-equipped iPad that would ring when calls were coming through, but that iPad has not yet been released, and current iPads probably don’t need an alert muting feature as much as a screen orientation lock.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 19

iOS 4.3 adds a new Settings toggle that lets users choose to use the switch for either function. When the switch is used for Screen Lock, a Mute button appears to the far left of the multitasking bar. Change the switch to Mute and a Screen Lock button appears in the same spot instead. Problem solved.

iPhone-Specific Findings


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 20

Message Alert Tones. Under Messages, the former SMS application on iPhones, you can now choose to have a message alert tone play 1, 2, 3, 5, or 10 times in total, rather than the prior “Repeat Alert” feature, which said “if you ignore a message you will be alerted twice more,” providing only an on/off switch.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 21

Personal Hotspot. Renamed from and replacing the prior “Internet Tethering” feature, Personal Hotspot enables certain iPhones in certain carrier-supported situations to share their cellular data connections with computers—and iPads. Turning Personal Hotspot on disconnects the incoming Wi-Fi connection of an iPhone. Personal Hotspot is indicated either with a double chain link icon, or with a purple Personal Hotspot: X Connection(s) bar at the top of the iPhone’s screen. Notably, an iPhone-connected iPad or iPod touch running iOS 4.3 will display the double chain link icon in place of its Wi-Fi icon. Also important: Personal Hotspot data can be shared over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB connections depending on the connected device; Wi-Fi was previously not supported.


New in iOS 4.3: The Full Breakdown With Screenshots 22

You can use the randomly-generated Wi-Fi password created by the iPhone, or create a Wi-Fi password of your choice to protect the Personal Hotspot from unwanted use. Up to five devices can be connected simultaneously, with the current number of connections appearing on the iPhone’s screen. It’s worth mentioning that the Personal Hotspot feature was first revealed as a Verizon CDMA iPhone option at Verizon’s iPhone event, and appears in as-yet-unreleased iOS 4.2.5 for that device; it will not likely come to other iPhone versions before iOS 4.3 is released. The predecessor version of this feature remains under the name Internet Tethering in prior iOS versions, and is limited to a single device connection over Bluetooth or USB, then only in countries that permit support for the data-draining feature.

We’ll update this article with additional details as we receive them. iOS 4.3 is expected to be released to the public some time in the next one to three months. Thanks to our source for the screenshots and details.

  1. Apple needs to make the settings menu of IOS more like the ipod. Where you can define what things you want to “pin” to the main menu. It is getting crazy how much crap they are pulling out of menus and forcing you to now have to scroll further to get to items that used to be right near the top of the first screen… Why the hell needs VPN pinned onto the main screen? Or carrier? I’d rather have the choice and options to choose what I want pinned, and what I don’t.

    It is also dumb that on the iPad you can choose whether the switch on the side will be a rotation lock or not, because now the hardware button will no longer work consistently. The whole idea of having the OS dictate what it does, is that given a version of the OS, you know definitively that the iPad will work a certain way. I forsee people changing the option by mistake, and getting confused. It was better to leave it as it was…

  2. @5

    I have an apple TV, and most of my friends have gotten one after seeing mine. You don’t have one, and don’t want one, great. Why bag on others who like and use it?

  3. @Vandemolen

    Actually, I use an Apple TV and it rocks… But I have to say, your idea makes much more sense… to just plug an HDMI cable between my computer and TV. By the way, do they make HDMI cables that are 250ft long? My computer is in my bedroom and my TV is in the living room… I hope nobody trips over the HDMI cable that will be trailing from my room, down the hall, through the kitchen and across the living room to the TV. And it shouldn’t be a problem running back to my room whenever I want to change a movie or show.

    Thanks for the great suggestion. And to think I was getting my content to my TV easily and wirelessly with the Apple TV. I’m so stupid! Luckily we have great thinkers out there like you helping everyone out.

  4. I have the iPad and the Apple TV and believe me, it is pure fun to rent movies on the iPad and have the choice to watch it on the iPad or stream it to the Apple TV depending on the situation. I rather not use my MacBook Pro for playing video on the TV as the MBP is used for so many other business/work related tasks.

  5. I like the switch being programable. I personally would use it for screen lock. Better yet would be an ability to screen lock each app individually so one could choose to lock each app in horizontal, vertical, or unlocked. Any app not specifically so customized would just follow whatever the global setting happened to be.

    There are some apps that I always want either horizontal or vertical or unlocked whenever I use them. It would be nice not to have to set them each time I switched to them. (Some already have this feature, such as Solitaire and Angry Birds.)

  6. Who uses an Apple TV anyway? If you want to be able to play any content on your TV, plug your desktop computer’s HDMI into it and use a universal player like VLC.
    Not a very impressive update if you ask me. I guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer for all the evident functionality that is missing right now.
    I want to be able to freely copy my music and pictures to and from my iPhone, using the wireless network, NOT the USB cable, and using normal networking applications, NOT iTunes.
    And I want access to MY directory.
    Do it Apple, do it now >:(

  7. Why use an apple tv? To control the content my little ones are watching.. Why pay a rental fee for another cable box on demand content?

  8. I too have an Apple TV and while I agree with most of the comments above in that it’s a great little device and does it’s job well, I’m disappointed there is no mention of a fix to the color inversion problem that intermittently occurs for owners of some Sony and Philips model TVs. Apples forums are full of other Apple TV owners with this fault and they need to acknowledge the issue and release a fix quickly.

  9. @7

    I tried Vandemolen’s suggestion and it works very well. I simply replaced my Apple tv with a Mac Mini that sits UNDER the TV. No tripping over HDMI cables for me!

    And, yeah, I know you were just being sarcastic. 😉

  10. I don’t have an Apple TV, but I bought a Mini to hook to my TV before the 2nd gen Apple TV came out so I could watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. IT works great! If the 2nd gen ATV had been out it might have been a harder choice to spend the money on the Mini.

  11. Still the same old icon screen, I’m tired of it, why don’t they do something similar or better than windows phone 7 elegant screen!

  12. @18
    Frank, if you think the Windows Phone 7 OS is elegant, then go get one! Frankly, Frank, it’s pretty crappy and completely different from Apple’s tried and true method of doing things – end user usability. Window’s “live tile” method is confusing and relies on built in phone functionality like Facebook, where as on iOS users install only what they want from the App Store.

    All I personally want to see done to the Home Screen is landscape orientation for iPhones and iPods.

  13. Dangit, still need a missed call alert to let folks know they’ve missed a call without pressing the home button first. The ability to have a missed txt alert up to 10 times is good. Doing that for missed calls would be a start! They’ll never listen.

  14. Why wouldnt you just buy a media player with an external harddrive, like a patriot box office, etc. and put all of your media on that? DUH?

  15. Will the ipod touch have personal hotspot? Cause i can connect to the 3g network using ibluever from cydia. And it would be nice to share it with my laptop…

  16. Regarding iPad 3g … I TOO am feeling much pain recenly buying an iPad 1 3G and now knowing that the iPad 2 is here and with HotSpot for your iPhone the iPad 3g is just NOT needed. Why iPad 3g when you can just tether to your phone. I think the sales reps should have been informing iPad 3g buyers. It is bad enough they are selling iPad-1s for full price just months prior to iPad 2 release but selling the 3g version but not informing of the iPhone tethering capability. I bought the iPad 1 for the little woman and now the 2 is out and I’m feeling quite burned on the iPad 1 espacially the 3g. The little woman insn’t complaining but I am very sure she would have PREFERRED a coupon for the iPad 2. I spent over 600 dollars for something 2 months ago that is now worth maybe 400. If they charge for an IOS update … then I;ll really be peaved. I like their products but not the company. It is ALL about the money for Apple … as the cool wears off … the reality that they will get your money first before good advise sets in. How many recent iPad 1 buyers especially iPad-1 3G buyers are just feeling SORRY. I have been dealing with this on the iPhone too … I am personally looking forward to competition for these items because I am feeling like I have just spent too much for phone, service and computing recently. I have told my little lady NOT to buy me the iPad 2 and nor an iPhone and in the future we will MUCh better plan our purchases. I don’t like the feeling and believe the iPad-1 just cost us way too much. Its totally obsolete and my gal is looking at the iPad-2 and wishing her birthday was a few months later.

  17. @y VforVictory

    You are so wrong, And it is common Knowledge that Apple was going to release the iPad 2 in or around the End of March or the Beginning of April.

    Apple has Always timed their product Release Schedule at a Year, And everyone follows this.

    It was all over the Net “NOT” to purchase the iPad Version 1, due to Apple releasing the iPad 2 at the Times i Posted above.

    Now blaming Apple due to you Buying a Product at the end of its life Cycle when another is due is your fault and Not Apples.

    Sorry if this sounds like a Attack on you, “It Is Not”, But facts are Facts, Apple was due to release iPad 2 and it was Plastered All over the Net Many.. Many ..Months before you purchased your iPad Version 1 model.

    Just chalk it up to to a Learning Experience, Apple Follows a Release Cycle for all of its products, and it is not their fault you jumped the gun.

    Apple did refund 100.00$ to all that purchased the iPad Version 1 within 12 -14 days after the Announcement of iPad 2,
    So Apples not the Bad Money Company you say. Just a Company Following a Release Cycle it always has.

    And Look at all the Good they are Doing in Japan, Housing their Employees and Families and feeding them, and Paying for Motels at no cost to the Employees or Families.

    See Apples Not all that bad, Your just upset, and want to direct a bad move on your part at Apple.
    And since Apple is Not One single Identity like so many people think, It Ridiculous to blame them for your actions or others.

    Have a Great Day.

    You say Cost to Much Ha Ha, Really .. You got what you paid for, You are unbelievable, And the iPad 1 is far from being obsolete, it 1 generation behind and will last many years. Apple will support it with Firmware, So until the time they don’t support the firmware, Then will be the time to so its obsolete.

    Gees, You need help, if you hate it so bad put it on E -bay and sell it for 150.00$ less for whatever model you bought, It will sell, and move on.

  18. @Scott…you need to stop being such a iTard. I love Apple products, but iTards and Apple fanboys are repulsive. His statement is true. Apple is Banking and molding their business model from iTards like you who run off and buy everything and anything that Apple releases. Apple banks on the American Must Have it now motto, and iTards like you Don’t have a clue as to what’s really going on around you. Does it matter that they announced the iPad2 months before it’s release? The whole point is that they release a new products and a year later make an upgrade that makes it twice as fast and packed with way more features than the predecessor, and they had the capabilities to release the better “upgrade” to begin with. This business motto is only effective because of iTards like you.

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