New iPod models: features and accessory compatibility


Q: Does the iPod Touch allow you to add to the Calendar and Contacts and then sync back to your computer?  Will the iTunes WiFi Store allow you to download podcasts (audio or video) using the iPod Touch’s WiFi capabilites?

New iPod models: features and accessory compatibility

– John

A: In answer to the first question, Apple has made what we feel is a rather odd decision with the iPod touch in terms of the calendar and contacts features.  Unlike the iPhone, which allows for editing and adding of both calendar and contact information, the iPod touch allows for the adding and editing of contact information, however it provides a read-only calendar.  Both the contacts and calendar synchronize to your computer via iTunes, in much the same way as the iPhone does, but it is not possible to add calendar information directly on the iPod touch itself.

As for the iTunes WiFi Store, at this point only access to music tracks is being provided.  There is no facility to subscribe to or download podcasts in any form, nor iTunes video content.  Audio tracks can be purchased from a list of featured tracks, or you can search for a specific track.  These tracks can be previewed and purchased directly from the iPod touch, and will synchronize back to your iTunes library at the next opportunity.

Q: I was wondering if the new iPod nano includes the feature to transfer custom EQ settings attached to songs in iTunes over to the iPod nano.

– Wei

A: Unfortunately, no.  Even with the current line of iPods, custom EQ settings remain a persistent omission from the iPod devices themselves.

Q: Will the new iPod classic/nano/touch work with the iPod Hi-Fi in the same way the 5Gs did, i.e. with fullscreen album art & EQ settings? I know the Hi-Fi has been discontinued, but I can’t find any information on whether that feature was removed from the new iPod interface.

– Sam

A: The new iPod models do not provide any specific support for the iPod Hi-Fi, and in fact do not specifically recognize it as such, which means no full-screen album support or speaker settings menu.  The only feature of the iPod Hi-Fi that continues to work on the new models is the integrated volume control (ie, iPod volume controls are passed through to the Hi-Fi), in a similar way to how the Apple Universal Dock functions.

Q: Is it posible to make my iPod classic work with the Nike+ Sport Kit?

– Wally

A: Unfortunately, no.  The Nike+ Sport Kit continues to only be supported on the iPod nano.  Neither the iPod classic, iPod touch, or iPhone support the Nike+ Sport Kit, and will simply produce a message that the accessory is not supported when attempting to connect the Nike+ sensor:





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