New iPod models on older Macs

Q: I have an iPod classic 160GB and I cannot see it in iTunes on my iBook as an iPod. I am running Mac OS X Jaguar and I can see it as a removable disk but I don’t know how to copy the songs from iTunes onto the iPod not can I drag tracks from iTunes to the iPod.

Any suggestions?

– Khomeini

A: Unfortunately, the new 2007 iPod models are no longer supported on Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar). Mac OS X 10.4.9 (Tiger) or later is required.

While the iPod will still show up as a removable device, since it uses a generic USB Mass Storage device protocol, iTunes 7 is also required with the newer iPod models, which is also not supported on Mac OS X 10.2.

You may be able to use certain third-party tools such as Yamipod to manage your iPod content, since these will work with the iPod database and write files to it as an external hard disk, but note that most of these will not provide access to the full set of iPod functions such as video and photo support.