New iPod – old software?

Kirk McElhearn

Q: I have a 3G iPod that I am planning to replace when its battery dies. I’m unsure of what I will have to do to set up my new iPod with my current iTunes library and iPod software. Will I have to delete all my old software, and install it with the CD that comes with my new iPod? Do I even have to delete my old software before I put in the cd? Is it as simple as just connecting the new iPod and authorizing it for my computer?

– Marty

A:It’s pretty simple, actually.

If you’ve been keeping the iPod and iTunes software on your computer up to date, then you’ll be able to use your current software. (In any case, if you get a new iPod, you should always check this page to make sure you actually do have the latest version of this software; there may have been an update since your iPod shipped.) Upon connection, the new iPod will fill with your existing iTunes library, and you’ll be all set to listen.

For whatever it’s worth, you don’t really need to replace the 3G iPod if the battery dies – it’s your choice.

You can get affordable replacement batteries, such as this one by Newer Technology that we recommend highly, to keep that old iPod spinning for a long time. Apple has also recently lowered its price for replacing iPod batteries to $59, and is offering extended warranties and other benefits to 3G owners with battery problems.

Kirk McElhearn is the author of several books including iPod & iTunes Garage.