Nike+ shoes

Q: I really want to get the Nike+ iPod but I don’t know if it will work without the Nike+ shoes. Do you know if I can use Nike+ iPod sensor with my iPod touch 2G?

– Patrick

A: The advantage of Nike+ shoes is that they have a slot below the insole that is designed to fit the Nike+ sensor within the shoe itself, making it easy to install and unobtrusive.

The piezoelectric Nike+ sensor itself, however, does not require anything specific within the Nike+ shoes in order to operate, but rather simply registers the movement of your foot as you walk or run regardless of where or how it’s attached. As a result, a number of third parties have created pouches to attach the Nike+ sensor to other types of running shoes.

Two such examples are the Shoe Pouch by Grantwood Technology and the Sportsuit Sensor+ by Marware.

Note also that the iPod touch 2G and iPhone 3GS both include built-in support for the Nike+ sensor, so it is not necessary to purchase the Nike+ kit with the receiver, but simply the separate Nike+ sensor for your shoes.