No options in for iPod slideshow music


Q: I own a 60GB iPod video. I would like to play a slideshow with music, but when I go to “Slideshow Settings,” under the “Music” menu, all that’s available is “Off”, and I can’t seem to turn it on. Why’s that?

– Gary

A: The background music option in “Slideshow Settings” is formed solely by the “Off” option, and a list of your playlists. Since you probably don’t have any playlists on your iPod, you’re not able to use this feature, since there’s nothing for you to select. Create playlists in iTunes and synchronize your iPod, and this option will become available.

If you do have playlists on your iPod, then something odd is going on with your iPod’s database – “restore” your iPod using the latest iPod Software Updater from Apple’s website, and try again.

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