Not all TV Shows syncing to iPod

Q: I have purchased 13 TV shows from iTunes. The first time I synched my iPod classic, only 12 of the shows transfered to my iPod. As I continue to sync my iPod, fewer and fewer TV shows transfer to my iPod.

I am now down to 4 of the 13. How do I get my computer/iPod/iTunes to download all of the shows to my iPod?

Not all TV Shows syncing to iPod

– Greg

A: By default, iTunes only synchronizes unwatched episodes of TV Shows to your iPod. This means that once you have actually watched one of your episodes, not only will it not be transferred to your iPod, but in fact will actually be removed during the next sync.

You can access and change this setting by connecting your iPod to your computer and selecting it from your iTunes Devices list, and then selecting the TV Shows tab from the main iPod summary screen.

Not all TV Shows syncing to iPod

At the top of this screen, change the setting beside the “Sync” heading from “All unwatched” to “All” episodes. You can also choose to sync only selected playlists or selected TV shows to your iPod from the same window.