Obtaining video content for the iPod touch


Q: I am Canadian and recently purchased an iPod touch. Why are there limited items available on the Canadian version of iTunes? I would like to be able to purchase movies and videos but am unable to do so at this time. I purchased the iPod touch primarily for the purpose of downloading movies and TV show episodes. When will these features become available in Canada?

– Vlad

A: Unfortunately, video content on the iTunes Store is primarily available only on the U.S. version of the store, due to international copyright and distribution restrictions. Only very recently has some very limited content begun to appear on the UK iTunes Store, and it is unknown when or if any video content will ever be available on the Canadian iTunes Store or any other international stores.

This is in fact much the same for audio content as well, for which catalogues can offer differ significantly between different countries.

Fortunately, the iTunes Store is not the only method for getting video onto your iPod touch. Video content can be acquired from a number of other sources, and even converted from your own DVDs (an option that is in fact not legally available in the U.S. due to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA). More information on converting your own content into an iPod-ready format can be found in the following articles in our iPod 101 tutorials section:


Jesse Hollington

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