Older iPods and firmware updates

Q: I have a 4G iPod classic, 20GB. Does anyone know how I can find out if my firmware is current? When I connect it to iTunes, it says I have Version 3.1.1, but I don’t know if that’s the firmware version or something else. If its not the current version, does anyone know where I can download the current version?

– Barb

A: That number you’re seeing in iTunes is correct, and version 3.1.1 is the latest firmware available for the fourth-generation iPod.

You can also check the firmware version on the iPod itself under the “About” screen in Settings. Keep in mind that Apple almost never releases new firmware updates even for recently discontinued iPod models, so it is extremely unlikely the 4G iPod will ever see another firmware update.

For future reference, as long as your computer has Internet access, the simplest way to check if you have the latest firmware version is to click the “Check for Updates” button on the Summary screen for your iPod within iTunes.

If a newer version is available, iTunes will offer to download it to your computer and install it on your iPod; otherwise iTunes will simply inform you that you have the latest firmware available.

Apple also maintains a support document Identifying iPod models that can help you determine which iPod model you have. This document used to also include firmware version numbers, but for some reason Apple has removed this information.