On-TV iPod menu navigation revisited


Q: I have a 5G iPod and an Apple Universal Dock. Is there any way to view the iPod’s screen itself (song title, album art, etc.) on my TV?

– Jim

A: The current version of Apple’s iPod software doesn’t support this feature. Until it does, Apple’s Universal Dock will be of no use for on-screen navigation. However, other companies have been developing hardware solutions to the problem.

We addressed this question back in January after having seen two such devices at Macworld Expo, but we’ll revisit it today with an important update:

DLO has announced that their HomeDock Deluxe, a dock-and-remote solution featuring on-screen navigation, is now available and shipping for $149. See iLounge’s full review of the product here.

The second such device we’ve seen, and one we’re even more excited about, is Griffin Technology’s TuneCenter and, now, their TuneCenter Pro. At $100 and $130, both are cheaper than DLO’s option, and have the additional feature of wired or wireless networking for internet radio. These will be available in May and June.

We’ll reserve our final judgements on the TuneCenter for our full review, but be aware that more solutions are on the way.

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