Q: I have imported several compilation CDs, but I don’t like the way all the artists appear in my artist list; it makes it long to scroll through the Artists list. A solution could be to rename all these artists as “Various Artists” or something similar, but then I would lose the artist information…

Is it possible to make a sub-folder? Or do you have another idea as to how to organize compilations?

– Mark

A: It’s true that most compilations record every artist, and list each of them in the Artist list on the iPod, even if they only have one song. Your idea of changing them to Various Artists is a good one, at least for your usage. If you did this, you could add the artists’ names in the Comments field, for example, so you could still find them in iTunes, or even with smart playlists. Another idea would be to change the names of the artists to the names of the compilations; if they are all Various Artists, then you’d have music from several compilations listed under that name.

As for sub-folders, or nested folders, iTunes and the iPod don’t support this. It is certainly a feature that many people would like to see, so keep your eyes out for it, perhaps, in future versions of iTunes and the iPod software.

Kirk McElhearn is the author of several books including iPod & iTunes Garage. His blog, Kirkville features articles about the iPod, iTunes, Mac OS X and much more.