Organizing Compilations on iPod


Q: I would like for songs from compilations to NOT show up under the Artists menu. When I’m scrolling through my artists, there’s a lot of unnecessary listings there, since a lot of them only have one song. What’s the best way to accomplish this?

– Jason

A: This is a built-in feature on the latest iPod models. To utilize it, make sure that the appropriate tracks are marked as “Part of a Compilation” in iTunes. Then, simply browse to your iPod’s “Settings” menu, and toggle the “Compilations” option to “On.” Now, the songs marked as “Part of a Compilation” will not appear under their respective artists in the “Artists” menu, but will instead appear only in album form underneath the “Music → Compilations” menu. Compilation songs and albums will still appear in the “Songs” and “Albums” menus, respectively; the “Compilations” setting only affects the “Artist” menu.

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