Organizing Music Videos in iTunes

Q: I have been buying music videos from iTunes and from other sites. The music videos that I have from other sites wont go into the Music Video folder on iTunes, rather they go into the Movies folder. Is there any way to change the music videos from the other sites so they can go into the Music Video folder in iTunes?

– Greg

A: Yes, this can certainly be done. It’s simply a matter of editing the tags for each track to change the “Video Kind” to “Music Video.”

This information can be found by selecting the appropriate track, and choosing File, Get Info in iTunes. The video-specific information will be on the “Video” tab:

Organizing Music Videos in iTunes

Simply click on the drop-down list beside “Video Kind” and select “Music Video” and then click OK to save your changes.

Note that iTunes does not presently provide a means to adjust this setting for multiple tracks at once. You must either edit each track individually, or make use of a third-party tagging solution to update this information so that iTunes organizes these tracks correctly.

For more information on managing video tracks in general, and some tips on third-party tagging solutions, see our article, The Complete Guide to Managing iTunes Videos.


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