Organizing Music Videos in iTunes

Q: My music videos are grouped with my music in iTunes. How can I have a separate category for videos under the Library heading to organize my music videos?

– Jerry

A: Although Music Videos were organized into their own library category back in iTunes 6, when Apple released iTunes 7 it decided that Music Videos belonged in the main “Music” library section and eliminated the separate category.

Although there is no way to bring back the separate “Music Videos” library selection, you can use a Smart Playlist to accomplish almost the same thing. As a playlist, this will appear down in the Playlists section of your iTunes source list, but will otherwise serve the same purpose. To create a new Smart Playlist, simply choose New Smart Playlist from the File menu in iTunes. The following simple criteria will display only your Music Videos in the resulting playlist.

Organizing Music Videos in iTunes

In fact, in a new iTunes library, this basic “Music Videos” Smart Playlist is created by default. As with any Smart Playlist, you can choose to refine the criteria further if you wanted to only include specific videos by genre, length, recently added, and so forth.


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