Organizing your Music Videos

Q: I have downloaded music videos into iTunes and they play great on my iPod, but how do I find and display/manage them in the iTunes library?

– Donna

A: As of iTunes 7, Apple has taken the approach that music videos are an extension of your music library, and removed the separate category for music videos, instead choosing to organize them alongside your normal music tracks.

As a result of this approach, you’ll find the music videos listed under the “Music” section in iTunes, organized by artist and album, listed among your song tracks.

If you want to get a list of all of your music videos, the simplest way to do this is to use a smart playlist for them. As of iTunes 7.1, this playlist is automatically created as one of the default playlists in a NEW iTunes library. However, if you’ve upgraded your library from any previous version you will need to create this playlist manually.

To create a Smart Playlist, simply choose New Smart Playlist from the File menu in iTunes. You will be presented with a dialog box asking you to specify what criteria you want to apply to the smart playlist in question. A simple criteria of “Video Kind” is “Music Video” should suffice if you simply want to organize all of your music videos in one place, although you can certainly specify any additional criteria if you wanted to limit the selection further (perhaps creating music video lists for different genres or eras, for instance).

Organizing your Music Videos

Note as well that once you have created the smart playlist, you can manage your videos and further organize them from within that smart playlist. For instance, the normal “Browser” function works within any playlist as well, so you can quickly and easily filter by genre, artist, or album when browsing your “Music Videos” smart playlist. Further, you can delete tracks from your library directly from within the smart playlist by holding down the SHIFT key (Windows) or OPT key (Mac) while pressing the DELETE key.


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