Output settings when playing movies from iPod to TV

Q: I have tested renting movies from iTunes and playing them on a TV from my 80 GB iPod classic using the newer cable with dock connection on the iPod. The problem I am having is getting the movie to fit my screen. I have tried setting the TV from Widescreen, 4:3, etc…but I am still losing content on the left and right side of the screen during playback.

Is there a way to format the movie to fit the screen properly?

Output settings when playing movies from iPod to TV

– Edwin

A: This is going to depend upon a number of factors, including the aspect ratio of the original movie itself and the type of TV that you are actually using.

The iPod classic and iPod nano (video) have options for controlling how your output video will be displayed on the iPod screen or on an external TV. These options can be found under Video, Settings:

Output settings when playing movies from iPod to TV

The key options for controlling the output format are the TV Screen and Fit to Screen options.

The TV Screen option has two settings: Standard and Widescreen and should be set to match whichever type of TV you’re using. An incorrect setting here will result in an output video that looks distorted—either stretched in height on a standard TV or stretched in width on a widescreen TV.

The second option, Fit to Screen determines whether the iPod will “zoom” in on the image to fit the full width and height of the TV screen.