Parents controls on iPod touch

Q: My son wants an iPod touch. Can a person block access to all sexual content and porn? If yes, how do you do it?

– Eddie

Parents controls on iPod touch

A: The iPod touch and iPhone both provide some basic parental controls, however these are limited to restricting access to the iPod touch or iPhone features in general, rather than blocking specific content.

For instance, you can block access to the Safari browser entirely, in which case your son will not be able to access the Internet browser at all, but if you do permit access to the Safari browser, you cannot lock down which sites he can actually visit.

The only exception to this is the ability to prevent playback of media content from the iTunes Store which is marked with the “Explicit” tag.

If this is disabled, then songs that are tagged as “Explicit” cannot be played back without entering the parental control password.