Party Shuffle not advancing tracks


Q: In the 10-5-06 edition of Ask iLounge, a reader had a problem with playlists playing one song and then stopping. The only way to advance to the next song was to manually click it, and the root cause of the problem was deselected checkmarks.

Party Shuffle not advancing tracks

My problem is similar, but a little different. All of my playlists work fine. The only problem I have is with Party Shuffle. It seems to start the next tune and stops.  All songs are checked.

I have iTunes on my work and my home computers and this happens on both of them. The first time I noticed this was after I downloaded the most recent version of iTunes (

– John

A: It makes sense that you’ve only recognized it in iTunes 7; Apple has slightly tweaked the behavior of the Party Shuffle feature in a minor way.

In iTunes 6, if you wanted “play one song, then stop” functionality in iTunes, you had to use Party Shuffle set to retrieve songs from an empty playlist, as we suggested to do here.

Only a few weeks later, Apple released iTunes 7, which made doing this easier: simply set the Party Shuffle to display 0 upcoming songs, and no upcoming tracks will play unless you tell them to. Before, if Party Shuffle were set up in this manner, it would simply play the next song without telling you what it was.

Party Shuffle not advancing tracks

The direct answer to your question? Party Shuffle will no longer ‘surprise’ you with the next song without showing you what it is—you must display a non-zero number of upcoming tracks if you want continuous playback from Party Shuffle.

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