Play Slideshow on iPod nano

Q: I have an iPod nano and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to play the slideshow of my photos. i know I have the photos on there I just can’t start it. Can you help me, please?

– Emily

A: Actually, the answer to this is simpler than you may expect:  Simply go into your photo library on your iPod nano, select the photo to start viewing, and while the photo is shown full-screen, press either the centre SELECT button, or the PLAY button. No specific visual feedback will be given, but the slideshow will simply start.

When you first select a photo from one of your photo albums, you can also use the click wheel to scroll through your photos rapidly by moving your finger around the wheel. However, once the slideshow is running, you will not be able to do this, although you can still advance to the previous or next slide by pressing the previous or next track buttons on the click wheel. You can also pause the slideshow simply by clicking the PLAY/PAUSE button. The display will show a pause symbol and the slideshow will remain paused until you resume it by pressing PLAY/PAUSE again.

Note that this works in the same way on ALL generations of iPod nano, although the on-screen symbols may be slightly different. Further, the first and second generation iPod nano models do not support TV output of slideshows, so you will only be able to view your photos as a slideshow on the iPod screen itself. The third-generation iPod nano does support TV output, although technically only with the purchase of a specific TV output cable that connects via the Dock Connector (see further below for possible workarounds to this, however).

Note that you can also further customize your slideshow settings by visiting the “Settings” menu under the iPod Photos menu.